The Tech Knights were a group of people sworn to protect private ships from pirates. They used technology adapted from the ancient Trans Empire as well as new innovations such as their signature cloaking technology to defend those unable to properly defend themselves.

They were led by the Round Table Council, which consisted of twelve members; three from the Knights Division, three from the Missionaries Division, three from the Intercessors Division, and finally three from the Scientific Division. In a stalemate the current civilian Governor of Avalon would break the tie.

They found, however, when the Galactic Federation of Allied Worlds was formed an increasing lack of area undefended and became almost unnecessary for their primary mission statement. Instead of adapting to meet new needs, the Tech Knights drew inward and indecisive until their ultimate destruction at the hands of the very empire whose technology they had discovered.

Their legacy carries on through groups like the Avian Azima and the Achaiadian Rangers.