Tason Quinwynn Barso'a
Vital statistics
Homeworld: Ania
Species: Anian
Gender: Male
Spouse(s): Aym'ee Jayon'ey Derobar Barso'a
Chronological & Political Information

Tason Quinwynn Barso'a was an Anian male who for a time lived on Ania. He was evacuated during and invasion of Dem soldiers. While evacuating me married Aym'ee Derobar by Captain Johnathan Samuel Hayward, a Tech Knight missionary.

Early Life

While not much is known about Tason's early life, it is known that he was born in the Atalia galaxy, most likely on the planet Ania. It was on the steps of The First Library of Ania that he met Aym'ee Derobar, who he eventually proposed to on those same steps.


Tason was at the library when the Dem Invasion of Ania in 68 AW began. After being trampled on by a fleeing crowed, Tason was picked up by Tech Knight Missionary Johnathan Hayward. He, along with Aym'ee, were transported off world by Johnathan that same day.

Shortly after their departure Johnathan, as a captain of a starship, performed a marriage ceremony for the couple. They went on to then join Johnathan as missionaries of the Tech Knights.


A shy, soft spoken man who at heart is a helpless romantic.