Bought by the Tech Knight Shipworks in 603, the Silver Angel, a Narglac-class Starship was originally called TKS-225438. It's purpose was to be refitted with Tech Knight technology and be given to a knight for use in his or her duty.

It sat for a year before being requisitioned by Tech Knight agent Jace Tevono, who gave it to Tech Knight Fellipe Luke Skyhawk, at the time called Philip Akara, for his use while aiding the agent in his mission.

Fellipe proceeded to christen the vessel the Silver Angel, and used it until December of 613 AW. He exchanged the vessel with Tech Knight civilian Timothy Paul Elisha Whitestar for the Firehawk because Timothy required a smaller vessel.

Timothy continued to own the vessel until his death, at which point his daughter Jaden Ruth Jaina Whitestar became owner. She proceeded to own it until it was destroyed sometime after the Phoenix War ended.

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