New Mercury
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Planetary Statistics
Other Common Names: Mercury
Navigational Identifier: NSol-I
Star System: New Sol
Classification: R1
General Terrain Type: Barren
Diameter: 4888 km
Day Cycle / Rotational Speed: 1960.1 Earth Days
Year / Orbit Duration: 88.72 Days
Moon(s): None
Distance from Primary: 57840 km
Average Temperature Range: ~ -180C to 520C
Gravity: 0.39 g
Inhabitant Statistics
Standard Population: N/A
Primary City: N/A
Date Settled: Never

New Mercury is the first planet in the New Sol Solar System. It is named after Mercury from the Milky Way Galaxy's Sol Solar System. While various research teams had landed and conducted scientific experiments on New Mercury's surface, it was never colonized.

Behind the Scenes

While not contained within any Atalia story, New Mercury is listed in a system and planet list in the back of the book Atalia: Stories of a Galaxy- Love. Most of the information on this page has come straight from the author Fell Skyhawk (Author).

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