Jango Michael Joshua Whitestar
Vital statistics
Birthplace: Aquaterra
Species: Avi/Human Hybrid
Gender: Male
Birthdate: 7-21-600
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pale-Orange
Birth Father: Timothy Whitestar
Birth Mother: Jayna Whitestar
Brother(s): Luke Skyhawk (half)
Sister(s): Jaden Whitestar, Naomi Skyhawk (half)
Spouse(s): Rachael Whitestar‏‎
Chronological & Political Information

Jango Whitestar was the son of Jayna Whitestar and Timothy Whitestar. He was the twin brother of Jaden Whitestar

At the age of five he was captured with his mother by the Phoenix Dominion. He was then used as leverage by the Phoenix Dominion against his mother so that she would use her medical knowledge to assist in creating new species.

After being rescued by Fell Skyhawk and his twin, Jaden, at the age of thirteen, he began training as a Tech Knight.

Toward the end of the Phoenix Dominion War he turned against his mentor and went on a rampage against the Gren after the peace treaty was signed. He formed the Black Knights and lured many young Tech Knights to his cause.

He later was captured and realized the errors of his ways. He rejoined the Tech Knights and sought to undo the damage he had caused. When Fell Skyhawk formed the Achaiadian Rangers he went with him.