Jaden Ruth Jaina Whitestar Skyhawk
Vital statistics
Birthplace: Unknown
Homeworld: New Earth (New Sol)
Species: Avi/Human hybrid
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 7-21-600
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pale-orange
Birth Father: Timothy Whitestar
Birth Mother: Jayna Whitestar
Spouse(s): James Ryan Hanno'a Skyhawk(617-620)

Ben (Skyhawk)(634-)

Children: Fell James Skyhawk,

Aryalakota Tala Skyhawk, Aleron Cayden Skyhawk

Chronological & Political Information

Jaden Ruth Jaina Whitestar was born in 600 AW to Timothy Whitestar and Jayna Whitestar. She was the Tech Knight apprentice of Fellipe Luke Skyhawk from 613-617 AW.

Early Life

In 605 her mother and twin brother were captured by the gren Phoenix Dominion. Jaden and her father had been away from them when this had happened and when they heard Jaden's father vowed to fight the gren until no more families could be torn apart by the Phoenix War.

Jaden, still in the care of her father, quickly learned about war and at a young age became an adept fighter.

Omega Army

In 613 Jaden along with her half-brother Luke Skyhawk infiltrated a secret Omega Army training camp posing as a boarding school. They made it out, defeating the training camp. This is where Jaden would meet James Hanno'a whom she later marries.

Tech Knight Apprentice

Shortly after Jaden became apprenticed to Fellipe Skyhawk, more commonly referred to as just Fell Skyhawk. Fell had been married to Jaden's mother for the year 658 until he had died, however unknown to Jayna he had been revived. When Jaden discovered this she aided the reconciliation of Fell to the rest of his family.

On one mission Jaden and Fell found Jaden's mother and brother in a science lab. The Gren had been using Jayna's medical expertise to create their own species.

On the Christmas of 613 the Tech Knight Commandos were founded and Jaden was automatically made a Commander in it's ranks.

First Marriage

In 617 Jaden married James, who had been adopted by Fell after child services had, after James' parents death, come to take James away. Jaden had suggested she take his original last name to continue his family line, but James had told her that he had been adopted into the Skyhawk family and therefore that was the name he would continue.

When the Phoenix War crescendo in 620 James died, caught in a trap that had also killed Jaden's father just a couple years prior. Jaden recovered her father's starship, the Silver Angel, shortly after.

Joining Lightning Squadron

Jaden then joined Lightning Squadron, a squadron in the Galactic Federation of Allied Worlds Navy stationed on the AAD Endeavour, and because of her uncle-in-law Fleet Admiral Fell Peter John Skyhawk, who knew her skill in flying she was brought in as an ensign, not having to go through basic training.

With the war's end in 621, the majority of Lightning Squadron retired leaving the squadron's XO position empty. Jaden, promoted to Commander, filled the spot. It was also at this time that she gave birth to Fell James Skyhawk and when her mother remarried Fell Luke Skyhawk.

Post Phoenix War

A few years passed and Lightning Squadron's CO went on to another command. Jaden took the CO position. With the Fleet Captain of the RAD Endeavour, Scott Pulsar, being the founder of Lightning Squadron, he knew Jaden quite well and because they were not in a war she was allowed much leeway and would go on leave often to spend time with her son and do missions for the Tech Knights, which she was still apart of. Scott himself was good friends with Jaden's step-father and often went with her to the Tech Knight Commando headquarters.

Trans War

During the Trans War Jaden served as Fleet Captain of the RAD Endeavour and toward the end as Fleet Admiral of the 1st Fleet.

End of this Life

Jaden Skyhawk died in the early morning of July 31st, 652 AW versing a massive Trans super-weapon being used by Trans who had not agreed with the peace treaty.


Fleet Admiral of the 1st Fleet

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