Vital statistics
Scientific Name: Homo Sapiens
Birthplace: Earth (Sol)
Creation Year: Year 0, Day 6 of Universe
Type: Humanoid Mammalian
Genders: Male and Female
Skin Range: Pale Flesh - Midnight Brown
Eye Colors: blue, green, hazel, brown
Hair Colors: black, brown, blonde, grey, reddish orange
Mean Stages of Years
Baby: 0-2
Toddler: 2-5
Child: 5-13
Young Adult: 13-19
Adult: 19-50
Middle Aged: 50-70
Elderly: 70-110
Ancient: 110+

Made by God in the image of God, humans are the only known sentient species whose history dates back to prehistory. They were created on Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy. They continually rebel against their Creator and time and again find their resistance to Him is futile.


Bipedal humanoids, with two arms and one head. Male and female reproductive genders determined by DNA.


Humans are highly creative, rebellious, and prideful. They are highly adaptable, both physically and mentally, and are resourceful, yet frail. The average human is afraid to be different and yet hate to be called the same. This manifests itself in the fact that most try to hide major differences and yet at the same time attempt to highlight them. As a race they are all together a paradox.


Humans have an interesting biology as it is adaptable yet not great in any one environment. They are two genders in the species, male and female, as determined by DNA, a standard XX and XY sexual reproduction process. They have two eyes, one nose, one mouth, two arms with five fingered hands, and they are bipedal.


Skin ranges from albino to black with in-betweens of tan and brown. Rarely are the extremes seen. Hair color runs from blonde to black with in-betweens of browns. Age drags out color and eventually the grey hair that is left fades to white. Eyes consist of iris and pupil on a white orb. Pupils are clear, but appear black, and irises come in colors of brown, green, blue, and variations of these colors. Average height as of 625 AW for a male is 6 feet while females is 5' 9". Average weight as of 625 AW for a male is 185 lbs while females are 140 lbs. They have notable non-human features as they are, as their name suggests, fully human. Primary gender distinctions can be found in the groin, the hips, and upper torso.

Main languages

English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin*, Spanglish, Changlish, Engtin, Unnamed Language

Main Colonies

New Mars (Beta Centauri), Centauri Prime (Beta Centauri), York (American System), Cali(American System)
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