Fell James Skyhawk
Vital statistics
Birthplace: Firehawk, Deep Space
Homeworld: None
Species: Human/Avi Hybrid
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Skin Color: Pale Orange
Birth Father: James Ryan Hanno'a Skyhawk
Birth Mother: Jaden Ruth Jaina Whitestar Skyhawk
Spouse(s): Allysa Elizabeth Tevono Skyhawk (639-)
Children: Ilay Jaden Naomi Skyhawk
Chronological & Political Information
Era(s): UAA, Trans War

Born during the last battle of the Phoenix War, Fell James Skyhawk grew up in a time of peace. His father, James Skyhawk, had died before his birth. His mother, Jaden Skyhawk, unable to raise Fell alone, especially when she was off commanding Lightning Squadron, had her parents and siblings help in raising Fell.

Fell became really close to his aunt Naomi, who was of contemporary age, as they were most times raised together. They became as if they were twins.

Jaden, having extreme leniency given her, was a constant in Fell's life, despite the times she was not there, and began to teach Fell how to be both a ranger and a knight. He never officially began his training, but because his grandfather was the head of the Achaiadian Rangers he was able to be knighted in 639 without any record of official training, even though his training had been more intensive and thorough than most.