The Fleet Assessment and Reorganization Project, or FAR Project, was the brain child of Fleet Captain Fell Peter John Skyhawk as a way to organize the Galactic Federation of Allied Worlds Navy.

Until the Project each system had it's own fleet, of which many had vessels with the same names. This along with some other logistical issues caused problems when ships outside of primary systems needed assistance. The FAR Project was suppose to, among other things, help eliminate these logistical issues. It also served to standardize the system fleets with unified ships and similar task forces.

Ship Classifications

Ships were classified into categories within the fleets.

These categories were as follows:

Later additional classifications would be added including Fleet Tanker, Hospital Ship, Fleet Tug Ship, Communications Ship. These were added primarily due to poor response times of the Medical Corps and the various services they use to get their fuel and towing from.


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