Emmaus is the second planet in the New Sol Solar System.

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Planetary Statistics
Navigational Identifier: NSol-II
Star System: New Sol
Classification: T3
General Terrain Type: Wasteland
Diameter: 11802 km
Day Cycle / Rotational Speed: 26 hours
Year / Orbit Duration: 1280 Days
Moon(s): Patada
Distance from Primary: 112152 km
Average Temperature Range: ~ -21C to 53C
Gravity: 0.82 g
Inhabitant Statistics
Primary City: Emmaupolis Domed City
Sentient Species: Human, Avi, Anian, Dem
Primary Language(s): English, Spanish, Others
Galactic Nationality: Emmaus Sovereign Republic, GFAW, UAA
Government Type: Democratic Republic
Date Settled: 8 AW

Emmaus is a planet in the New Sol solar system.

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