Colony One was a starship launched from Earth apart of the Colony Project to help ease the strain of resources on the Sol Solar System. It was sent to Alpha Centauri and once there begin colonizing the system and prepare the way for more colonists. However it came upon a hidden wormhole that sent it to the Atalia Galaxy.

The Captain, Abrem Timeth Telani, had his daughter on board Colony One, Atalia Destiny Telani. She was the only fatality during the incident. The galaxy was named in her honor.

There were multiple colony pods, several for each species. The pods were sent out to various systems using newly discovered SSF technology and colonized the initial Colony Planets. In addition the system that Colony One found itself had an already earth-like planet already terraformed by the Trans many centuries prior, New Earth. The crew of the primary command section of Colony One landed on this planet and colonized it with a few people from the modules that wished to make a life on this already terraformed world.

Planets Colonized