Victory-wing Starfighter
V WingConcept3D
Production Information
Model: CTY-175 Victory-wing Starfighter
Manufacturer: New Earth Corp., Tevono Industries
Classification: Space Superiority Starfighter
Technical Specification
Length: 8 Meters
Chronological & Political Information

The CTY-175 Victory-Wing Starfighter, more commonly known as the V-wing Starfighter, originated as an idea by Tevono Industries. The idea: to make an affordable starfighter that is both modular and versatile.

The president of Tevono Industries talked to the president of New Earth Corporation to ask them to manufacture the fighter, because Tevono Industries was not set up to manufacture things quickly and cheaply.

When, in 600 AW the Phoenix War broke out, several other corporations got on board, including Pulsar Incorporated and Shield Co. The fighters were quickly manufactured to aid in the war.

The result of the final fighter was a cheap, durable, fast, and powerful little starfighter that became to staple fighter for the GFAW Fleet. Because it was modular it stayed the primary starfighter for decades.

Also due to it’s modular build several stock variations were produced with specific roles. These included interceptor, bomber, and long range reconnaissance. Shortly after 618, the CTY-175 began to be produced by a new company known as Lightning Industries. This company bought the license for primary production of the fighter after New Earth was captured and the New Earth Corporation was struggling from the evacuation.

The victory-wing continued to see use well after it ceased being produced. It was argued that it was the most influential starfighter in Atalia history, playing a large part in two galactic wars.
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