Atalia: The Phoenix is a short story written by Fell Skyhawk, published in the work "Atalia: Stories of a Galaxy- Prologues".


Part I

The most courageous people in this day and age is not the police, or even the army; but a freighter captain and his crew. There is no other job where you have to risk your life and not have the newest resources at your finger tips.

-from “On a Freighter Captain’s Life” by Maria Stellar RoseSource: Story

The story starts in the Darkhawk Nebula where The Phoenix and her crew are hiding from pirates who damaged their vessel. After repairs are made, they exit the nebula and attack the pirates. After heavy damage they are rescued by the NSC Protector.

The Protector offers them a lift to their next location, which they accept. In transit a rock slug parasite breaks through the casing of the Protector's SSF gate, causing a destabilized wormhole to form. The Phoenix and Protector are torn from each other and throne to different locations.

Part II

As I was riding one of the rainbow colored horses I heard a loud boom, and then saw a ship coming in for a landing. I was so overjoyed at the time that I didn't realize, until later recalling my photographic memory of my time there, that I had seen bones on the ground simultaneously with hearing the sonic boom. The bones were that of a gren I believe.

-From The Biography of Robert Tevono, by Robert Tevono about his time on planet M-12479Source: Story

The Phoenix crash landed on the planet M-12479 in the barely explored Tevono System. The ship's captain, Dariala, managed to release the escape hatch before passing into unconsciousness. The first mate, Jarcan Takar, then pulled the crew to safety.

After taking care of food and wounds, he discovered an underground city created by the ancient Gren. Sealed in this city was the Phoenix Virus, which was designed by the ancient Gren to turn other Gren to their side in a long forgotten war. Jarcan stumbled into this virus, getting infected.

After repairs were made to their vessel, the infected Jarcan turned on Dariala and their crew mate Naeo. He attempted to kill them, but succeeded only in killing Naeo. He then tied up his captain, stole the Phoenix and escaped the planet. He left a transmitter with Dariala so at least she would have a chance at escape.

After a while the Protector, looking for the Phoenix, discovered Dariala on the planet and picked her up. After Dariala spoke with the captain of the Protector they finished needed repairs necessary to make a wormhole into SSF.




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