Atalia: Rangers- Rebellion is a short story written by Fell Skyhawk. It is set in the Trans War (era). It is part of the Atalia: Rangers series.


"You cannot solve a problem just by covering the symptoms; even something that causes a separate symptom can be a symptom itself. If you stop and solve only the one, the root behind stays to cause further symptoms, sometimes even worse than before. However if you cure the root, then you have cut off the source by which the symptoms and their symptoms receive their nourishment."

-Phillip Michael DeVeauSource: story

The plot revolves around Fell Skyhawk coming home to find his daughter Naomi fooling around with a boy she has had a crush on, Billy, while she was suppose to be on a space station with his friend Jace Tevono watching her.

Angry Fell scares the boy away and then proceeds to find out why his daughter would sneak back home and do things that were against their laws. He found out that she was angry with the fact that she was not allowed to go out into battle with him and the rest of the family, despite being older than any of them when they started going into battle.

In the end Fell decides to take her on as an apprentice and take her on his next mission. After this he then in partial joke tells her if she ever tries anything like this again he will remove her reproductive organs. This is to convey the severity of what she was doing as well as to make fun of stated punishments family members of theirs had stated in the past to their daughters. Naomi, understanding both reasons for him saying this says "Yes, sir." and goes on to become his apprentice.



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