Planetary Statistics
Navigational Identifier: SHAN-III
Star System: Shanrai
Inhabitant Statistics
Sentient Species: Anian
Primary Language(s): English, Anian, others
Galactic Nationality: Anian Republic, GFAW, UAA

Ania is the first planet in the Shanrai Solar System during the time of the galaxy being called Atalia. Originally it was the second, but after an unknown disaster the first planet was destroyed. When the first colonists settled they called the remnants of that planet the Shards Asteroid Field. Therefore it has only been known as the first full sized planet. There is also a dwarf planet closer to the Shanrai sun.

The planet was colonized by the Anian people and was named after their forefather, Ania. It became the capital planet of the Anian government, which included many other star systems.